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Are you Ready!!!!!!:

The season is here...   It wont be long now until we start smelling race fuel and seeing big numbers. 




Latest News!

 News for 2014!

Improved Stock Twin 800 @ 660 lbs.

All Improved Stock rules applicable.


All Improved Stock Class rules apply to these twins, with stock carbs, stock cylinders can be modified internally, and stock heads with inserts allowed.
Must run stock bore and stroke for the model, revising the stroke and bore is not allowed.
Stock ignition can be reprogrammed.

Weight with Driver will be at 660 lbs.

Small tanks allowed as long as stock shell is inplace and cut out for inspection.
Stock suspensions only with 0.5 inch lug speed track allowed and studs at 0.75 inches above the lug.



NSSR Racing - Welcome to Speed Running


Welcome to NSSR,


We are a professional snowmobile racing organization that specializes in 1000' speed runs.  Are you a racer looking for top notch races, or maybe your a spectator looking to watch some of the fastest HOT RODS to ever hit the ice. IF this is what you are looking for, then the National Straightline Snowmobile Racing is for you.


We provide racing action to not only the pro racer but also to the amateur who is thinking about getting involved in the sport of speed running.  Fun runs are also available for the trail rider or those that just want to come and see how fast their machine is on professional equipment without having to be competitive.